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To celebrate the Mothers in our lives, I wanted to create a set for the rose lovers out there. Roses are by far the most popular flower for their beauty and varied sweet perfumes. Whether you know a foster, furbaby, step, or grieving mom, they are all the Mothers deserving of love every day. Mums come in so many forms. We're here to help you make this one day as special as possible, with a gift set that helps her slow down and take a breather. Know any mom needing a reminder to take care of herself? This gentle nudge will do the trick.

What's included in this rosey, floral package? All the goodies to raise your bathing experience to a whole new luxurious level.

To bring you the best, we are collaborating with one of my favorite Candle companies, Cavill & Wicks. The 'Forbidden Tuberose & Jasmine' candle is a combo of sweet florals and sensual, warm spice. It is such a romantic fragrance and will ease you into that feel-good mood you crave.

This 9oz candle comes with a lid. Burn time approx. 45 hours. Cavill & Wicks use the highest quality of Essential & Fragrance Oils. They use a natural blend of coconut and soy wax paired with natural cotton wicks.

The Rose Body Butter is a light, vegan butter that can replace any moisturizer. It has a sweet, floral fragrance, that is, in essence, rose. Along with the Rose Essential Oil, you will also smell the fragrant aroma of Cacao Butter. We find these scents don’t compete but complement each other.

Our Tinted Lip Balm gives your lips tons of moisture that lasts. We use Vitamin E and Coconut Oil to heal dry, chapped lips. Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, and Cupuaçu Butter are full of Vitamins to heal and moisturize. The Beeswax creates a perfect barrier to keep moisture in. And when it wears off, your lips will still be soft and smooth. We've added a deep berry tint to give you some extra color without needing to apply anything else. With only a few drops of Lavender, Orange, and Jasmine Essential Oils, the fragrance is light. Fresh, sweet, and warm, the lovely aroma will brighten your mood as you apply.

Prepare for one of the most luxurious bathing experiences you've ever had. We've selected the perfect ratio of Salts and Oils to benefit your body. The Rosalie Bath Salts can help reduce muscle tension, decrease stress, and detox your body. The magnesium in Epsom Salts is beneficial to your heart and nervous system. It also helps manage stress and can induce sleep - perfect for that relaxing bath to end your day. We paired it with Himalayan Pink Salt for its beautiful pink hue. Different shades of Rose petals provide that touch of French beauty. The skin-loving oils will nourish your body's largest organ in the most decadent way. Rose Essential Oil will fill the air with its sweet, floral fragrance. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is rich in vitamins A, D, E & K, and will keep skin hydrated. Rosehip Oil will leave you with a glow. Enjoy and feel the difference in your mind and body after this magnificent soak in the Rosalie Bath & Body Oil.

One of the most glorious things in life is to stand in a wildflower field in France and inhale. This luscious Bar Soap will give you a fragrant mix of Roses, Lavender, Jasmine, and Ylang Ylang florals. We've mixed skin-loving oils with Pink Kaolin Clay, a natural detoxifier and mild exfoliator. Blue and pink cornflower petals, rose petals, and Himalayan Pink Salt adds an extra bit of whimsy.

We've put so much love into crafting this gift set with products that compliment each other. If you'd like to make a simple swap (item of the same price), please let us know. Links to find out more about each product are in their descriptions above. This gift set has a discount included in the listed price.

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