About Us


Who are you?

Bonjour! We are Victoria and Rose Marie, the daughter and mom team that make up Victoria Rose Savon. Victoria here! You'll most likely be hearing from me but my mom definitely will pop in from time to time. Who is Savon? As lovers of all things French, aka Francophiles, (because, well, we're French. We did a test and everything!) and because we miss Paris, (we'll expand on that later) we wanted to share some of the beautiful language with you. Savon means soap. And it sounds good, doesn't it?
We create bath and body products influenced by my time living in Paris. I loved the beauty and simplicity of everything I saw and consumed. The natural ingredients that went into cooking, baking, medicines, and cosmetics in France. I worked in a small boutique, learning to make and mix bath salts, lotions, and oils. I then used that knowledge to create my own products. I've continued to research and test ingredients over the last 10+ years to treat my own 'beauty woes'.


Wait, you lived in Paris?

YES! I was a very stubborn teen (so rare, I know) and had two options after high school. Do I go at it on my own or go the dreaded higher education route? I had never had a job so being on my own wasn't going to work. And if I had to go to university I was going to go to the best gosh darn place I could find. I Googled 'English Universities in Paris', found one, applied, got in, and moved to Paris at the mature old age of 17.

When will you come out with new products?

I will not sell something I don't love, and I'm woah picky! After tons of research and making a product for the first time, I test it out for months. If needed, I make changes along the way, and continue to test the improved product. How does my skin feel? How does it look? Any improvements in skin texture? I ask ALL the questions. And when I love it, I send samples out for feedback. We are always testing and working on the next products. When we know something new is on the way, you'll know.

Why French?

Can I answer your question with a question? Why not? It's the language of love and is a reminder of a place where all things are beautiful. The music, art, architecture, parks, heck -- even the bread is beautiful! If having some Français on our packaging takes you on a mental trip to Paris or makes you smile for a moment, it's done its job.


Why does my Body Butter smell like chocolate?

Mon ami, that's the beauty of natural ingredients. The cacao (cocoa) butter is oil from the cacao bean --where you get the chocolate you eat. Not only does it smell delicious, it is so fantastic for your skin. Please, don’t eat it.

Why homemade?

Our 'Soap Studio', which used to be my art studio, is at home. We make the highest quality products in a safe, sanitary, and a great smelling space. One day, we will have our own space for the company with an incredible team. We can't wait!

Why’s the Lip Balm so expensive? I’m on a budget!

I used to buy a popular brand of lip balms and used them all the time. Like reapplying too many times a day to count. I always had dry lips and that's what I was stuck with. I was with a friend one day at a popular store picking up said lip balms when she told me she stopped using the stuff. Why? It dried out her lips too much and she was always putting on more. For a second I thought, o my gosh, me too! And then I bought them anyway. Did I mention I'm stubborn? I experimented. I made my own lip balm and changed the recipe at least 10 times. I worked until the texture, feel, and moisture were my idea of perfect. Then I wore it every day instead of my store-bought option. I didn't need to use it as often. And when nothing was on my lips, they still felt great! Soft and smooth. I recently went back to my store-bought lip balms because I hate to have anything go to waste sitting in a drawer. Guys, my lips hated me! Dry, itchy, begging for moisture ALL THE TIME. So while our products might be a few dollars more than you're used to, we promise, it's worth it.

Why do you care so much about ingredients?

Have you ever turned over a favorite, not so healthy, food product to read the ingredient list? Instant regret. For many years now, it's one of the steps I take when grocery shopping. About 10 years ago, I had a health scare. I started paying close attention to anything going in and on my body to be as healthy as possible. I never even thought to look at the ingredients for my body products until I started making my own. Dyes, parabens, chemicals, emulsifiers, and my favorite, water. Wait, water's good for you!? Yes, but it's used as a filler in our face, hair and body products. Why water down products? Because it's cheaper to produce. We won't use water unless it's necessary! We won't use dyes unless they are natural for something like a tinted lip balm. We won't use anything that may be bad for you because we care. This is our promise to you!

Why do I have previously used packaging?

We are happy to use our recycling and composting know-how in our company. Wherever we can make and offer biodegradable products that are cost effective to you, we will. We have worked hard to have product containers that you can reuse or recycle – meaning less waste.

The containers we use for products and shipping materials are recyclable or biodegradable.

What are you doing for others?

Everyone has the ability to make an impact on the world we live in and we want to do our part. We will give back to the people, animals, and environment that need help most. With your help, Victoria Rose Savon will be donating to the following charities.