Coralie Bath Salts
Coralie Bath Salts

Coralie Bath Salts

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Soaking in a tub is one of the most relaxing and extravagant experiences you can have at home. Pouring Salts into a hot water bath is a tradition that dates back to 2700 B.C. Bath Salts can help reduce muscle tension, decrease stress, and detox your body. Enjoy and feel the difference in your mind and body after this magnificent soak. 

Let your stressful day soak away in this mix of healing Salts. Heather flowers are popular for their healing properties and have been for centuries. The Lavender buds from France are perfect for any time you need to feel your anxieties steep away. Yellow Calendula petals promote a better mood. Epsom Salts ease muscle soreness and help with recovery after tough workouts. Magnesium is beneficial to your nervous system and helps manage stress. It will help relax you for a night of slumber. Dead Sea Salt has antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. It's a natural way to detox your skin and has a healing effect on psoriasis. Himalayan Pink Salt finishes off this mix with its pretty pink color.

Scoop and pour the Salts into your Bath or pour into a reusable pouch to help with petal clean-up. You can get a reusable Muslin Bag here and a Scoop here.

Light some candles, pour yourself a glass of wine and indulge in your own magical retreat. Use these Salts with the matching Bath & Body Oil for the most luxurious and healing bath you'll ever have.

We decided to keep the Bath Salts and Oils separate so you can control the amount of each that goes into your tub. Use both together for major muscle, organ, and wellness benefits.

Dead Sea Salt has a moist consistency and contains 21 minerals including magnesium, iodine, and calcium. Unlike most other bath-time salts, this Salt is great for a good detox and beautification of your skin.
Himalayan Salt has a pinkish hue because of its natural impurities and minerals. It balances ph and is great for your complexion.
Epsom Salt releases magnesium and sulfate ions when it's dissolved in water. Your body absorbs these which can benefit more than 325 biochemical reactions.

Ingredients: Dead Sea Salt (Sodium chloride), Himalayan Pink Salt (Halite), Epsom Salt (Magnesium sulfate), Heather (Calluna Vulgaris), Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), Calendula (Calendula officinalis)
14.4oz 408g

Our Ingredients are either 100% Pure or *Certified Organic. Find out more about Ingredients here.